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This "About Me" page was originally placed on the web in the mid 2000's. Since then I've done a few more things.


Mike Coletta - About me.

E-mail me here revelation@mikecoletta.com




Here I am, camera bag slung over my shoulder,  getting ready to take off in search of another story.

You may have seen me around town in search of my photojournalistic endeavors.  I enjoy my hobby !


Freelance Amateur Photographer/Photojournalist


Published Photos:


Denver Post - United Strong Angry, American Flag photo

Colorado Springs Gazette - 1)United Strong Angry, American Flag photo

                                         2)Springs Moose w/ city background photo

Colorado Springs Independent - Firefighters memorial wall dedication photo

Here Lies Colorado Springs The Video - Front and back jacket photos

Starr Enterprises - Starr Kempf sculpture photos for presentation brochure

Traditions N.M.- Starr Kempf sculpture photos for wind sculpture festival flyer

Cripple Creek city cable channel - Parade photo

                                     KKTV Ch 11 - Springs Moose photos & The return of the Moose

KXRM Ch 21 - Springs Moose photos

  KOAA Ch 5/30 - 1) Springs Moose photos

         2) Cityscapes

          3) Pet Page

and a few more...


 I enjoy finding photo shots that interest me and, I hope, others.  I started in photography while in high school when I took a photography class to include "how to develop B & W film".  My first 35SLR camera was a Canon ftb, which I bought when I was in the Air Force.  I bought a lot of lens with that camera and took a lot of pictures while in Europe. Aircraft were another subject matter that caught my interest while in uniform.  Stationed just across from the Frankfurt airport, I had the opportunity to take many.  (My photo stories were first displayed on SpringsPhotos.com and then, later, on Newsblab.com)


Digital cameras have made a huge impact on the world of photography.  I had a few since their creation, and I'm sure I'll buy a few more in my lifetime.


The camera I used for my photo stories, prior to 12 Sep 2001,  was an Olympus D-600L and that's when I upgraded to an Olympus E10, which is the camera I use for my current stories.



My photography has been used by:
Denver Post
Colorado Springs Gazette
Colorado Springs Independent
City of Cripple Creek (Misc. city videos)
KKTV Ch 11
KOAA Ch 5/30
KXRM Fox 21
Starr Enterprises (Starr Kempf brochures)
Palmer Divide Productions (Video jacket)
Colorado Springs Koalas football team
Traditions N.M. (Starr Kempf exhibit brochure)
Colorado Assessors Assoc. (Antlers Hotel Brochure)
Olde Town Productions a Stage in Time

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