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A Blanketed Garden By M.A. Coletta

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I had waited for this day for a while.  The first good snow fall of the season and I would be up before dawn to make my way to the Garden of the Gods.  I watched each weather report on the edge of my seat.  Three days before Christmas, and it happened.

The weather person was correct.  I awoke to see the earth blanketed in a white fluffy powder.  Off I went, my Jeep set into 4 wheel drive, as the roads were a sheet of packed snow and ice.  Since it was still before sunrise, the Colorado Springs sun had not had the chance to begin its wintry ritual of melting off the roads slick spots.

My intent was to get to the Garden before anyone else had a chance to track through the virgin snow.  I wanted no foot prints to spoil the scene.  I arrived before the sun peeked over the horizon, and I was the first !

The freshly fallen snow clung to the rocks and brush, as it reflected the morning light.

A small winged creature rests before continuing on it's search for a morning meal.  This tree top makes a perfect perch.

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