Of fish and fish stories. By M.A. Coletta

Sunday morning and what to do ?  Another sunny day, and it feels like it's gonna get into the higher numbers today.  I don't want to drive too far, and I did the Flea Market yesterday.  Decisions....decisions.  So, I grabbed the camera and got into the jeep.  Maybe the fish are biting, this time, I thought.... so it was off to Prospect Lake again.  For those of you who read my article titled " What do you get when you mix sunshine and water ? ", you know what I'm talking about.

The short drive brought me to a parking lot that had many open spaces, since it was only 10:45 am.  But I knew the fisherpeople would be there.  And right I was as I saw them lining the banks on the far side.  I parked in my usual spot, of two times now, got out of the jeep, unloaded the camera from the bag.... and I was ready.

On the way to the "fishing spot" I point and shot a few times to capture some nice scenes across the lake.


No geese were on this side of the 30 acre waters today,  but there was a duck or two or three or four.....

In the distance I could see the line of rods and reels.  At the end of each was a fisherperson going about what fisherpeople do while they watch and wait and wonder..... will my next catch be the lake monster... a keeper..... a record holder ???

I approached quietly as to not disturb the people or the fish, if there were any this time.  I choose a semi flat rock, just at the edge of the walkway, that was still in the morning shade.  This would provide a nice cool vantage point for my observations.  From my nest I looked, listened and waited.  Each fisherperson has their own style.  This morning I had a number of people to watch and learn from.

The gentleman, just in front of me, had all the comforts of home... from his easy chair, to his tackle box - beverage holder combination.  He was fishing with two poles, one for bottom fishing while the other was setup with a bobber.  He was one that liked to check his bait a lot.  I think, after watching him for a while, he may have checked it too often.  I didn't get to see him catch anything, but his bait was there each time he checked.

And then there were the two gentleman who told some good stories.  I really enjoyed listening to them.  These are the type guys that make it worth ... just sitting back and listening.  They both seemed to know what they were doing.  Each only had one pole and handled them well.  I heard about crappy that were so big they couldn't even fit into the bucket, and the white bass that filled the entire lake there were so many... tail fins could be seen everywhere, and ..of course.. about the one that got away.  I even got to witness .. one that got away ... while listening to them.  I stayed on that rock for about a half hour listening to those guys and watching everyone.  But only one fish was catch by any of them that entire time.

Now.... just a bit to my left is where the action was.  I could see the ripples and splashes in the water as the fish, being reeled in, were fighting for their lives.  This occurred over and over and over.  Even the two that had the good stories began to notice this fishing frenzy.  And what does every good fisherperson do when someone else is catching the fish..... they find out what type of bait is being used.   Green Power bait was the answer this morning.... " can I borrow some?" was the next question I heard.  If it works for you.. it will surely work for me.

So, I got myself up and proceeded to my left to watch.  Maybe I would learn some hidden secrets that I could take back with me.  Knowledge is power they say.  Since there were no rocks in this new spot, I decided to stand.  I stood in silence, carefully watching the action of these two fisherpeople.  A women and a young man held the poles that seemed to be doing all the magic this morning.  They didn't talk much, only the occasional few words needed to be said.  After all, there was fishing to be done.  They sat calmly, watching their lines for movement... and when there was some... they took action.  Another fish...... another fish.... another fish......   Ahhhhh so this is how it's done.  Wait....watch.....strike.....  and it works.  They taught me what I needed to know.... patience.  The fish will come to you... cast it and they will come.  These two were truly expert fisherpeople.  And they seemed to be having a  lot of fun this fine Sunday morning.  Joseph was kind enough to show me their catch.  Thanks Joseph !


Well, I'd seen enough..... I got to hear some very good stories, watch some fish being caught, meet some nice people, and enjoy the beautiful day.  It was time to head on home to make some lunch.  And on the way back to the jeep I even got to see something other than a jet ski on the water...... life is good.

Copyright 2001, M.A. Coletta