One man's wind-filled memories

The Wind Sculptures of Starr Kempf

(Published with the permission of Starr Enterprises)

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The year was 1993, I just arrived in Colorado Springs and a co-worker was taking me to see Cheyenne Canyon.  On our way we passed something that immediately caught my eye. I asked if we could stop for a while, as I needed to have more than just a quick glimpse from a passing cars window.  What stood before me were a man's artistic work.  Huge but graceful, hard but with a soft flow to each.  Made of metal, each danced to an unheard tune, wind currents putting them to motion.  A ballet among the trees.  I was looking at the works of Starr Kempf.

During my afternoon visit in 1993 I watched Mr. Kempf work on one of his wind sculptures.  It was protruding from his shop and he was busily cutting or welding, as sparks bounced off the floor.  I stood and watched silently, as not to disturb a master craftsman at work.  He probably didn't even know I was there, as his attention was fully focused on his creation.

It was now the year 2001 and I had not been back to see the sculptures since. I had thought about them but, I wasn't even sure I would be able to find their location again.

After seeing an article in the local paper concerning the ongoing battle over the sculptures, my curiosity got the best of me.  What I read was very disturbing, in many ways.  I had to make a trek to the sculptures.  I had to see them again.  One mans blood, sweat and tears were a part of those creations.  They have also been a part of the Colorado Springs community for so many years.  Why would someone want to upset this balanced existence now ?

The article gave the street name, so I grabbed my trusty map and off I went.  2057 Pine Grove Av., the home of Mr. and Mrs. Starr Kempf.  I saw "their" mighty presence as I approached.

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