What do you get when you mix sunshine and water ? By M.A. Coletta

When you mix the two you get.... activity.  That's what I found out one early spring day when I went down to Prospect Lake for the first time.  Prospect Lake is located in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs at the corner of Pikes Peak and Union.  The lake itself is a bit more south of the intersection.

30 acres of water with swimming, boating and sunning facilities are available to the public.  If you don't have your own boat you can rent a paddleboat, rowboat, canoe or ocean kayak.  The day  I was there the only thing I saw on the water were jet skis.

Not all the activity is actually on the water but also around the water.  My wife and I did a "hand in hand" stroll on the paved walkway that goes around the entire lake.  We shared this path with bicycle riders, skate boarders, roller bladers, runners, and other walkers.  Some even pushed a stroller or two.

Along the way we were able to watch kite flyers as they hoisted their paper and cloth gliders high into the sky, some even sporting tails.  And along the shore were the fisher (people), as there were both fishermen and fisherwomen.  I stopped and asked a fisherwoman what could be caught in this lake.  She replied that trout and cutthroat were for the taking, but she had not caught any on this day, yet !

When we reached the south end of the lake there were a lot more fisherpeople, and this is where we watched the first fish being taken in.  We also saw a lot of snags being caught.  For those who don't know what a snag is, it's a special kind of fish that always gets away, and most of the time breaks your line.

On our way to the south end of the lake we were able to see a couple more signs of wild life that inhabit the lake or the area around the lake.

And there were a mixture of ducks and geese on the water, swimming up and down until some nice people tossed bread to them.  They then gathered for the feeding.

On the east and west sides of the lake shore were swings, slides and playground equipment for the kids to enjoy.  And they were enjoying them I can say.  Also on the east side were some nice old trees with some very interesting trunks which I just had to get pictures of.


This was our first time to Memorial Park and Prospect Lake as I said, but it won't be our last.  I hear they fly balloons here too.  I can't wait to see that !

Copyright 2001, M.A. Coletta