The Spirit of Tahama Returns By Mike "Mooseman" Coletta


                                                       Photo enhanced by Mike Coletta

Tahama, which means "Rising Moose", was the name of a devoted Sioux Indian guide who worked with Lt. Zebulon Pike while in the Colorado Springs region.

At one time Monument Valley Park was the site of Tahama Spring, which was named after this devoted Indian guide.  Tahama Spring was covered with a Spanish styled stucco pavilion, which housed benches and bronze medallion portraits of Tahama, Lt. Pike and Gen. Palmer.  For nine years the spring and pavilion were a popular place in Monument Valley Park. The flood of 1935 destroyed the pavilion. When the wreckage was cleared, the spring was capped.

Could it be that the Moose, who wandered Monument Valley Park for months in late 2001 and early 2002, was actually the spirit of Tahama "Rising Moose", once again returning to the park in search of his spring ?

Thank you Dianne Hartshorn for providing me the information !


                              Tahama Spring  ca.1926 - 1935                                              Tahama Spring today (capped)          Photo by Mike Coletta 

A drink from Tahama Spring

Enjoying a family outing, to include a drink at Tahama Spring. ca. 1926 - 1935