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The General's Park - Palmer Park By M.A. Coletta


I had just finished reading, "The Man On The Iron Horse", by Rhoda Davis Wilcox.  I picked it up in a used book store on Tejon street a few weeks ago.  Something I read in the last chapter was the basis for this photo journey.  From the book - "When days were sunny in the fall and winter of 1908, the General would ask to be driven to the highest point in Palmer Park overlooking his city.  How different it was from the flat brown prairie he first saw nestled against the wall of mountains."

Yes, how different it is, even now, from when the General last saw it in 1908.  I don't know if he visited his park in 1909, the year of his death.  I only know he would be very surprised at what he would see today, as he gazed down on his Fountain Colony.


It's 2001, not 1908, but it is a sunny day in the fall, so I too decided to drive to the highest point in the General's Park, and gaze.

On the way up I stopped for a few shots of Pikes Peak from different vantage points.

A bit of snow sits on the peak.

This tree once reached high to greet the morning sun.

General Palmer, after selling his railroad and retiring began to plan ways to share his money with the people of Colorado Springs.  Palmer Park was a part of that plan.  East of the city he purchased six hundred acres.  Men were hired to build trails, bridle paths and roads to reach picnic spots.  In the park he gave the names Seven Castles, Western View Drive, Lookout Point, and Raven Path to scenic views and drives.  To reach his park he built a paseo and boulevard from the city at his own expense.  This is how Palmer Park began.

Arriving, at what I think is, the highest point of Palmer Park, this is the view the General must have had as he looked back toward his Glen Eyrie home.  The Garden of the Gods can be seen in the distance.


Colorado Springs (Fountain Colony) sits as the General could have only imagined, in the distance.

Do you think he would have imagined his discovery would have grown as it has ?

A friendly reminder that the park does have it's boundries.

The Garden of the Gods can be seen in the distance.

Trails fill the park.  Hikers, bicyclists and horse riders share these.

The natural scenery looks untouched. 

I hiked for a couple hours and enjoyed all the wonders I was seeing.

I just can't get enough of Pikes Peak, as you can probably tell by now.

I grew up on the flat lands..... I don't ever want to go back !

Still growing despite a few hardships.  

Each step gives me another beautiful foreground with that beautiful background.

Just over the ridge I heard....


A nice day for a trail ride.


All photographs Copyright 2001, M.A. Coletta



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