Tracks Thru Tyme in Green Mountain Falls By M.A. Coletta

In 1881, George Howard paid $600 for a ranch in a very beautiful area of Colorado.  This ranch was surrounded by hills and greenery beyond imagination.  In December 1887, W. J. Foster, an English real estate man from Colorado Springs, secured title from George Howard to the valley with intentions of developing a summer resort and town site.  He named the place Green Mountain Falls.  The Colorado Midland Railway made it possible to take up residence "for the season" in this budding resort community, with a speedy and comfortable transportation mode.  Earlier settlers had to either ride horses, the stage or carriages along the steep Ute Pass road.

Green Mountain Falls is rich in history, and that was why I was here on this hot and sunny day, to learn about it's history.  What better way to learn than to listen and to view a wonderful re-enactment tour given by

"Olde Town Productions - a Stage in Time".


Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to the Days of Yesteryear ????

Well climb aboard the "Stage In Time"

The theme for today's event is "Tracks Thru Tyme"

"Daisy", played by Jackie Matz, describes the tent city beginnings that was Green Mountain Falls in the early days.  For $4 - $7 per week you could rent one of these tent cabins in this up and coming resort town.  In July 1888 an estimated 500 people were living in these tents.

The Midland Railway, which eventually setup a depot in Green Mountain Falls, would sponsor wildflower excursions to Green Mountain Falls from Colorado Springs.  These excursions would allow many to view the beautiful countryside.

"Isodore Meyers", played by Tim Matz, drove one of the stage lines to and from Green Mountain Falls.


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