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Destination, Roswell New Mexico - UFO Experience By M.A. Coletta

24 March 2003

I'd taken these two weeks off with one thing in mind. Sometime during these 14 days I had to visit Roswell, NM. And, you know why - UFOs.
So, off I went, just me and my dog. Packed light for ease of operation. No telling what we'd see, or who??? Roswell was about 480 miles from Colorado Springs, 7 1/2 hours driving time, the way I drive. After all, getting there is half the fun.

I'm getting closer!     

Roswell was a city bigger than I had imagined. Its people all busily going about their business, most not even thinking about UFOs I would imagine. That is until the 4th of July comes around, when they host their annual UFO festival.

But I knew I was in UFO country when I saw the street lights of the city.


And Roswell is the home of the International UFO Museum & Research Center. This was my first stop. After all, I had to get into the mood right away. There were saucers to be searched out.



Sometime during the first week of July 1947, something apparently crashed near Roswell.
W.W. "Mac" Brazel, a local rancher, was riding his horse to check on some sheep. During the ride Brazel noticed pieces of what seemed to be metal debris, scattered over the area. He also found a trench, several hundred feet long, which had gouged the land. After dragging a large piece of debris to a shed, he took some of it over to show his neighbors, the Proctors.
A day or two later, he reported the incident to Sheriff George Wilcox, who then reported it to Major Jesse Marcel, the Intelligence Officer at the nearby base.
On July 8, 1947, a press release was issued stating that the wreckage of a crashed disk had been recovered.
But hours later the first press release was rescinded and a second press release stated the object was a weather balloon and not the wreckage of a flying saucer. The rest is history.

People visiting the museum are asked to place a pin into the map showing their hometown. As you can see, the museum is a very popular place. All pins are removed from the map on the last day of each month, and the sequence is started again.

The museum contains many exhibits, art and documentation. All centering around the, very popular, UFO phenomenon.


But my interests were a little different from what I could see only in the museum. I wanted to see the "real" thing. With the help of Herman, I was pointed in the right direction. All I needed, he said, was a 4-wheel drive, a tank of gas, and a sense of adventure. Lucky for me, I had them all.

According to the map on the wall there were three crash sites within a days drive. I picked one of them, the hardest to get to, for good reasons. I wanted to be the only one there, and it paid off.

Go west young man, well not so young man, I'm pushing 50. My destination was that mountain in the distance. The Jim Ragsdale impact site.

After a good drive, some of it in 4-wheel drive at about 2 miles per hour, and a bit of walking in areas my jeep wouldn't take me, I was at the site. Herman's map and directions were perfect.

The site was now covered with brush. There were some fallen trees here and there, but I could find no debris.


​I'm sure if a "flying disk" was once here, all traces would have been taken away.

There were some unusual boulders which had been broken and split. These caught my attention, and the attention of my video camera. I made sure to film the area for future reference.


All in all, this day was a success. I had done what I set out to do, visited one of the famous Roswell crash sites. Life doesn't get any better than this !


All photographs Copyright 2003, Mike Coletta

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