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UFO Watchtower and Alien Garden - Hooper, CO By M.A. Coletta

29 March 2003

Well, last week I made a visit to Roswell, NM and a couple of the impact sites. Since I wasn't UFOed out yet I decided to stay a bit closer to home and visit the UFO Watchtower in Hooper Colorado.

Judy Messoline and Stan Becker built the UFO Watchtower on their 620 acre San Luis Valley ranch. The valley, known for a series of cattle mutilations, mysterious helicopter visits, and oddly shaped hovering aircraft, seems to be a perfect spot for the tower.

Not only do you have a fantastic view of the mountains, sand dunes, and night sky, but the occasional UFO passing through the area may also be easy to spot from this 10 foot high vantage point.

Construction is solid on this all metal framed observation post. Judging from the square footage, I'm sure a nice size viewing party can be accommodated very easily.

Entry to the UFO Watchtower costs as little or as much as you'd like to donate on your way up the stairs. Just see the "Little Green Man" between the two flights.

Hey, I can almost see my house from up here ! Well, that would be the case if those mountains weren't in the way, and I had superman's vision. But the view is breathtaking. Now, if only a UFO would appear.

A nice, and well stocked gift shop awaits the Alien chaser who visits. There is everything from books, postcards, pens, dolls, handmade items, rugs woven from plastic bags, shirts, hats, and you name it. If it's Alien or UFO related, it's probably here.

And no visit to the UFO Watchtower is complete unless you take a tour of their Alien Garden.

Every square inch of the garden is filled with unique and imaginative ideas and creations. Rock formations, vegetation arrangements, alien depictions, and lots more.

Here, Stan Becker poses with a friend.

The UFO Watchtower is not the only piece of property that Judy and Stan built from scratch. Their log house is also on the list of proud accomplishments.

Stan gave me a tour of their beautiful home.

Honeysuckle came up to me for a "Close Encounter". I didn't think to ask her if she'd seen any UFOs lately.



All photographs Copyright 2003, Mike Coletta

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