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Wild Donkeys of Cripple Creek By Mike Coletta

Cripple Creek, for years, this old mining settlement on the southwestern side of Pikes Peak was the hottest destination for fortune seekers after a gold strike in 1890.


Today, this well-preserved, historic town has resurrected the spirit of the Old West, with several gambling casinos lining Bennett Avenue.

Even if you're not interested in gambling, Cripple Creek is located at 9,494 feet above sea level in a spectacular mountain setting.  The remnants of the old mines can be seen all around the area.

And once down in these mine shafts and tunnels....

... were donkeys, that did much of the pulling and carrying.  Today, donkeys can still be found...


The World Famous Cripple Creek Donkey Herd can be found wandering around town.


The animals are said to be the descendants of the donkeys that worked in the mines before electricity.

During the last weekend of June, Cripple Creek celebrates Donkey Derby Days in honor of these unique residents.

The Two-Mile High Club of Cripple Creek cares for the animals by purchasing extra feed and paying for veterinary services.

Donations are always appreciated.

This group wanted to get in the car with me and tour the town.


Got something for me to eat ???


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